PSS specializes in both boxed and custom software.  Here you will find a list of our boxed products designed to work in conjunction with Sage BusinessVision.

CRM for Sage BusinessVIsion
Advanced real-time CRM

Full featured, yet moderately priced, this mid-market program is a two way fully integrated CRM system that communicates with customer service as well as your ERP system in real time. 

Not to be mistaken with old technology CRMs or links to entry level contact management programs,

PSS CRM is faster, more modern, and easier to learn than other crm systems that cost thousands more.

Don't have an ERP yet? PSS CRM will still do the job for you. PSS CRM can run stand alone or interfaced with an ERP system


For Sage BusinessVision


Custom utilities designed for Sage BusinessVision


A  suite of utilities and tools designed to enhance user productivity within Sage BusinessVision.

With the PSS ToolBox for Sage BusinessVision any user can easily manipulate company data while retaining full historical records.

Sage BusinessVision


Integration utility to various courier system


Send orders/Invoices from Sage BusinessVision directly to UPS |  Canpar | FedEx | Purolator. 

Writes back Tracking and/or Freight data back into Sage BusinessVision


Sage BusinessVision FedEx
Sage BusinessVision Purolator
Sage BusinessVision Canpar
Sage BusinessVision UPS
Sage BusinessVision


Advanced order entry interface for Sage BusinessVision.


The PSS AOE platform is designed to allow the end user access to features which do not exist in the standard BusinessVIsion order entry screen.

Features include:

  • Rentals
  • Limit customers to certain vendors
  • Muliti-level discount price matrix
  • Print, e-mail and/or fax forms directly from an order
  • Pro-forma invoices