Increase your company's productivity with the new edition of the Acomba Accounting Suite


Designed to meet the new needs of SMBs

Based on cutting-edge technology
Simpler and more user-friendly than ever



General Features

Rights & access management (in hidden, view, or modify/authorize mode)

Unlimited number of roles

Unlimited number of users

Management of foreign currency

Management of multiple payment methods

Centralized deployment and updating of application

Backup copies possible during software use

Centralized management of modules

SQL database

Demonstration database included

Access to previous years' histories (data mining)

Centralization of data for several fiscal years

General Ledger


  • Chart of accounts with 40 alphanumeric characters

  • Management of fiscal year start and end dates

  • Management of accounting period start and end dates

  • Two accounting modes: by period and by date

  • Automatic adjustment of opening balances when importing modifications from accountant

  • Exchange of accounting data between company and accountant

  • Budget creation

  • Multi-currency management

  • Transaction batch management

  • Production of ratios

  • Automated bank reconciliation

  • Detailed transaction reports

  • Transaction modification history

  • Financial reports: trial balance, balance sheet, income statement, GIFI

  • Comparative fiscal-year financial reports based on budget

  • Custom financial reports

  • Simplified year-end and period-end procedures

  • Tax report and automatic reversal transaction

  • Transmission of tax report via Internet through Clic Revenu

Accounts Receivable


  • Creation of accounts receivable cards

  • Management of payments receivable and discounts

  • Management of receipts

  • Management of client deposits

  • Management of settlements

  • Management of sellers and and territories

  • Account statement reports

  • E-mailing of account statements

  • Management of interest charges

  • Aged trial balance report (up to five cycles)

Accounts Payable


  • Creation of accounts payable cards

  • Management of discounts

  • Management of payments pending approval

  • Printing of cheques and payment slips

  • E-mailing of payment slips

  • Electronic funds transfer

  • Statement of purchases

  • Report of payments outstanding

  • Upcoming payments report

  • Automation of payments due